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Betsy Bambrick, Director of Code Enforcement
Dutch Riege, Ordinance Inspector
Christian Sanchez, Ordinance Inspector (Spanish Speaking)
Aldi Binozi,
Ordinance Inspector
Julia Prince, Ordinance Inspector
Donald Kauth,
Town Investigator (Part Time)
Arthur Bloom, Ordinance Inspector
Kelly Kampf, Ordinance Inspector
Karmen Chacho, Senior Clerk Typist

The Ordinance Enforcement Department enforces all Town Codes and resolutions including but not limited to health and safety, housing, zoning, environmental, noise, lighting, and permits. It identifies violations through active patrol of the Town's roadways. It receives and investigates complaints of violations of town codes and resolutions through observation, inspections, records research, interview, and surveillance. It identifies violations and seeks resolution through voluntary compliance, issuance of violation notices, or by filling charges with the Town Justice Court. The Department issues appearance tickets, and drafts court informations when voluntary compliance is not acheived. It also works with the Town Attorney's Office to develop probable cause and seek the issuance of search warrants from the Justice Court when necessary. The Department also assists the Town Police Department with noise complaints during the overnight shift from June to September and the Fire Marshal with storm damage assessment when requested.

Posted 11:15am July 3, 2014